A Consultant’s Perspective: Adopting a National Approach to Clinical Utilisation Review in the NHS to Improve Patient Flow

This webinar will provide an overview of the Clinical Utilisation Review programme that has been incentivised nationally and adopted by hospitals in the UK. November 21, 2019.



How to Improve Community Mental Health Services with Business Intelligence Dashboards

Learn how Business Intelligence Dashboards provide users real-time data and insights into their patient demographics, intake and discharge metrics, and services from both a patient and provider perspective.


Increase Frontline Staff Productivity using DOCit

In this webinar you will learn how Sunnyside Home is using DOCit to improve staff satisfaction, data quality/accuracy, and compliance while saving time and money.


Improving Patient Flow & Clinical Utilization with Evidence-Based Criteria

In partnership with E&Y and The Salford Care Organisation NHS, this webinar will provide an overview of VitalHub’s MCAP Patient Flow Solution.


The Trinity Village Story: One Year Since Deployment of the VH LTC Mobile App

Learn how Trinity Village Care Centre is mobile enabling their frontline staff with the VH LTC mobile app.


Improving Community Health Services with the TREAT EHR

This webinar features Reconnect Community Health Services, a not-for-profit health services organization serving one of the largest health networks in Ontario.


TREAT EHR: Improve Workflow & Client-Centric Care

Learn why CMHA Toronto chose to implement the TREAT EHR as well as a high-level overview of TREAT’s key features.