VH LTC is an innovative, cloud-based, forms & task management mobile app that helps long term care staff and facilities be more efficient.

PSWs and RPNs use VH LTC to record staff-resident interactions and observations on a mobile device instead of on multiple paper-based and electronic systems throughout the facility. By providing real time mobile access to important information and tasks, VH LTC will improve quality of care, save time and cost, ensure data accuracy, and increase staff satisfaction.

Trinity Village Care Centre & VitalHub Innovation Partnership In Healthcare

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Discover how Trinity Village Care Centre is using the VH LTC mobile app to:

  • Save time and cost
  • Improve data quality
  • Improve staff satisfaction and well-being
  • Support their workload planning, analytics & coordinations
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Save time
and cost

  • Staff no longer need to walk to wall-mounted touch screens, or search through.
  • Large binders to find and fill out required paper forms.

data quality

  • Record in real time, reduce data input errors via standardized forms and monitor.
  • When staff are recording data to ensure timely entry.

Improve staff satisfaction
and well-being

  • With a mobile device, staff have information at their fingertips to improve.
  • Efficiency and save time. Time can be better spent caring for residents.

Better workload planning, analytics & coordination

  • Identify where bottlenecks and frustrations occur with frontline staff.
  • Understand workloads and plan accordingly, identify trends for improved quality of care and coordinate transitional care between PSW and nursing staff.

Solving the

Vital Challenge

“VH LTC has streamlined the work for all levels of staff, improving their worklife while enhancing the quality of care we provide. We now have accurate, real time information, more reports for analysis, trending data; problem solving is now at our fingertips.”

Debby Riepert, COO, Trinity Village Care Centre

Additional Features

Simplified recording of recurring form-based tasks

Staff-targeted task tracking with alerts and colour-coded status visuals

Automated scheduling for recurring tasks

Automated workflow alerts and help requests

Resident-specific appointment tracking

Touch ID for secure authentication


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