TREAT’s modular design and its ability to integrate seamlessly with external systems make it a highly versatile EHR system that can improve care delivery for your organization, regardless of your specific type of facility.

Your TREAT suite of tools can be implemented as one of our common solutions, or you may choose to configure your own custom TREAT solution.

We are pleased to offer custom design and development services to our customers. We offer these custom solutions as stand-alone functionality, or can incorporate them into your TREAT implementation.

Solution Highlights

À la carte Modular Design

Select from TREAT’s inventory of clinical modules. Make your EHR your own, and only pay for the modules you use. With TREAT, you can pick from a vast array of clinical modules and assessment tools, capable of scaling from large organizations looking for a single solution to small organizations only requiring a few key features. Or pick and choose from our library to fill in the gaps of your existing system.

Client Registration

Quickly and effectively capture, track, and manage program admissions, discharges, transfers, referrals, and waiting lists. TREAT offers many field sets and workflow modules to support your clients as they navigate care providers.

Clinical Assessment Tools

We offer many unique industry-leading tools, such as the Metabolic Health Monitor and History & Physical (H&P) tool. Choose from a catalogue of over 100 tools, or send us your tool requirements and we’ll build it for you.

Clinical Documentation

Use one of our out-of-the-box Care Plan and Progress Notes templates, or build your own. TREAT is easily adaptable and can support many types of Care Plans and Progress Notes forms within a single installation. You can even utilize our best-practice documentation engine that is built-in or define your own best-practices for consistent documentation among your users.

Patient Profile

TREAT’s Patient Profile module makes it easy to capture that otherwise tricky-to-get data, and then presents it in a format so that your staff can quickly make sense of it. The Patient Profile also supports 3rd party interfaces, which means you can access all your data in one place.


Effective reporting and data analytics are increasingly important in today’s incentive-based healthcare market. Choose from our selection of canned reports and even create your own powerful client progress and outcomes reports, as well as insightful management reports simply and easily. Maximize your earning potential and organizational productivity.