TREAT is a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and care coordination platform designed for providers of behavioural health and community based services.

The TREAT EHR is ideally suited to support a model of care that involves different care providers that collaborate to treat a single client, using a variety of methods and facilities for treatment. TREAT facilitates the collection, sharing, and monitoring of client care information for a variety of care and service providers.

TREAT was designed with a client-centric approach to allow for a multidisciplinary team to coordinate their care and service delivery within one platform.

TREAT will contain one client record for each client, and all history of programs/services, documentation, benefits/payments, and a coordinated service plan integrated together within a single record.

TREAT provides a holistic view of the client’s journey, their needs and outcomes: 

TREAT will provide one holistic, integrated record to see, a full history of the client’s journey. This would include outcomes based on standardized assessments, case plans with integrated best-practice driven interventions, and a history of all the programs/services received, including external referrals.

TREAT helps clients easily access support and services using multiple service delivery channels:

TREAT is a web-based system that supports features such as text messaging of reminders for upcoming visits, online access to submit applications, review status of applications, complete assessments, and review documentation and case history details

TREAT drives program efficiencies and effectiveness with case automation:

TREAT includes various features for case automation, including automatic “scoring” of assessment results, auto-population of client-based issues based on assessments to the Case Plan, integrated best-practice guidelines library for goals and interventions, and various workflow rules, alerts, tasks, and edit checks to support unique workflow requirements.

TREAT provides real-time practice-based evidence to support case decisions to unique client needs:

TREAT’s integrated best-practices module allows for evidence informed intervention plans to be integrated with the client’s case plan.

TREAT promotes evidence-informed practices to monitor and measure against standards:

TREAT incorporates standardized best practice assessment tools, including the interRAI suite, to monitor and track outcomes based on standardized measures. TREAT includes various pre-existing reports based on these standardized measures to support monitoring, as well as the opportunity to integrate with Business Intelligence dashboards.

"Since our implementation of the TREAT software two years ago, the feedback from our staff using the system has been extremely positive. We have been able to capture more data in TREAT than in our previous software and are thus able to report on our outcomes and internal benchmarks in a more detailed and layered manner. The functionality of the software (e.g. automatic generation of alerts and tasks and eFaxing of prescriptions) has also helped facilitate more efficient workflows for our staff on a daily basis."

Marvin Weeks - Reconnect Community Health Services

In 2012, 10 community based mental health and addictions agencies formed a collaborative to collectively transition from paper charts to an electronic health record. We each needed to maintain autonomy and operate independent instances of software, and after significant research and consideration of options, TREAT was selected. This organization, specifically, transitioned from a paper charting system to an electronic health record in 2013. In very short order, we were entirely paperless, and TREAT staff were instrumental in assisting us in modifying our internal processes and workflow as necessary. We noticed immediate improvements in workload reporting and data accuracy, and we found the TREAT help desk quite responsive. Since going live, TREAT has been open to feedback, and many suggestions have been implemented, are in development, or are on the road map. To this day, we have monthly meetings to allow for discussion of changes and problem resolution. Positive outcomes have included a common language, common processes, and better data.

Marcia Scarrow - Red Lake Hospital

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Over 100 intelligent assessment tools to track and quantify client progress & outcomes – designed for Mental Health, Addictions, Rehabilitation, and Chronic Care.
Automatically score client results and notify the care team of problem areas.



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Securely perform & submit state mandated assessments electronically.

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Supporting a catalogue of hundreds of clinical assessment tools, coordinated care planning, progress notes, and an easy-to-use design, TREAT provides organizations with a single platform for integrated care and service delivery.

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