From implementation to training, to ongoing technical support, the TREAT team will ensure a seamless conversion and adoption of the TREAT system. Learn more about TREAT-provided services by expanding the headings below.


From Kick-Off to Go-Live

The HInext team has successfully implemented TREAT at over 200 sites across North America. We use a standardized implementation plan for the installation of TREAT based on best practices for project management and systems implementation.

Once you make the decision to purchase TREAT, our project managers and implementation experts will work with your organization to determine the scope of the implementation and create a project plan. For simple, out-of-the-box installations, we can have you up and running in less than two weeks.

For more complex installations, HInext will guide you through an analysis phase to determine your functional requirements and ensure that TREAT fits into your workflow. Once these requirements have been determined, HInext will develop any customizations that are required, and will implement a TEST environment for your review. Following sign-off HInext will provide education plans and TREAT application training to fully prepare you for Go-Live.

Following the implementation and go-live, all TREAT users at your organization will have access to TREAT support, online tutorials, and additional training as requested. We support our customers through training and will ensure that you have excellent technical support during the go-live period.

Our extremely competent and attentive support desk staff are made available to your organization for as long as you require.


Optimal Accessibility & Security

TREAT can be securely provided as a SaaS/ASP model; hosted on a public network such as the internet or cloud platform. Monthly or annual subscriptions are available for accessing TREAT online through the cloud.

This version of TREAT is perfect for small organizations or individual clinicians who do not have the capacity to support the entire TREAT infrastructure within their organization, or simply do not wish to take it on. All hardware and software resources required to support TREAT are managed by the TREAT team. Network security, data security and integrity, and system management are all benefits of a SaaS/ASP model. The hosted model also offers optimal accessibility to users, by allowing users to access TREAT virtually from anywhere.

Hosted TREAT is available over secured HTTP protocol with three layer login authentication and password formatting, with expiration rules that can be tailored to your organization’s policies.

The hosted TREAT model is a secure, cost-effective and efficient solution for both organizations and private practices.

Note: TREAT is also available in a customer-hosted (Enterprise) model if desired. Please contact us for more information.


Systems Integration

TREAT is Flexible & Functional

TREAT’s application interface makes it easy to integrate with existing systems or a regional Health Information Exchange.

Avoid duplicate data entry by taking advantage of TREAT’s:

  • Sophisticated integration between its assessments, care planning and Progress Notes modules
  • Direct integration with external 3rd party systems, such as Laboratory and Pharmacy systems, to pull real-time data vital for patient assessments
  • Standardized HL7 inbound/outbound interface with support for real-time or batch feeds
  • Ability to transfer important patient health information from other systems, such as demographic or encounter data
  • C32 extract capability
  • Integration with your organization’s existing Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) system
  • Automatic carry-forward to TREAT of client admission and updates in an external ADT system

Our proprietary HL7 converter can also be used to support non-HL7 data formats by automatically translating them into a readable HL7 format.

Whatever your current systems and workflow, we can configure TREAT to work for you.


Your Personalized EHR

Each component of the TREAT system can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Tools and reports can be designed and implemented according to organizational requirements. Post-implementation customizations can be performed following a precisely designed Testing & Analysis process which allows non-disruptive adjustments to the system.

From assessment questions, data carry-forward, pre-population and canned-text settings, to Patient Profile widgets and, interface designs, TREAT can be expertly configured to reflect the specific needs and focus of your organization.



Learning the Ropes

The TREAT team provides customized and detailed training based on accepted and proven training methods using a “Train the Trainer” or “Train the User” approach. Training sessions are available in-person with an on-site TREAT instructor or online through Webinar conferencing. For each session, complete course materials are provided. Training sessions include formal instruction as well as hands on instruction, accomodating multiple learning styles to ensure no one is left behind.

Additional training resources are made available upon the completion of a training session, including self-learn and eLearning modules.

Refresher training courses can also be provided at any time post-implementation.


Fast, Friendly Support

TREAT’s support desk prides itself on a live answer or email service that customers appreciate. Most requests for help are answered within 2 hours or less, even in peak times. Real-time customer support is available, as well as an issue tracking system that allows direct access in the event that the status of a query needs to be monitored. Our internal and customer escalation processes ensure that all parties are well informed of efforts to respond to issues.

TREAT’s support team offers enjoyable and reliable service, and users experience a high degree of satisfaction with the TREAT offering as a result.

Contact us toll-free 1-855-699-0123 or via email, we’ll be glad to assist you.

Project Management

Health IT and Project Experts at Your Disposal

The TREAT team provides comprehensive management services that can support both the day-to-day operations and the long term planning and improvement of the system. Management services may include the provision of IT management staff and/or key positions.

TREAT developers also offer a unique service called “CoSource”.

CoSource is a strategic alliance between HInext and the client that includes one or more support services that meet the business objectives of the client. The CoSource model is customizable and allows for a transparent management approach that is responsive to each organization’s strategy.