Order fulfillment and validation is done completely online at the facility/ward/patient level. Features include;

  • Patient profile and workflow?.
  • Inpatient medication order entry & outpatient prescription.
  • Drug interaction screening.
  • Dispensing via fill cycle management or ward stock requisitions.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Medication reconciliation.
  • Easy to use “Drug Suggest” feature enables users to quickly search and select a drug.
  • Integration with packaging and dispensing devices.
  • Integration with other hospital information systems.
  • Fully integrated with PacMed medication packaging machines, AcuDose medication dispensing cabinet.
  • Fully integrated with PacMed for regularly scheduled fill cycles and interim fills.

Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

The Electronic Medication Administration Record module support a complete medication and  treatment management process from order capture through to administration. Features include;

  • Integrated with the full client record. Provides staff with access to an informative and comprehensive view of client information.  
  • Integrates with progress notes.
  • The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) consolidates client information, such as vitals, from various collection points within the B Care Solution and presents this information in a single, unified view.
  • Configurable Administration Workflow-  includes a fully configurable workflow engine to support any number of medication administrations.

Options include:

  • Configurable rules by discipline.
  • Configurable Med Pass times by program.
  • Support for PH users to view and verify medication orders.
  • Vitals Capture-The Daily Sheet enables a user to chart observations such as vitals on multiple clients within a single screen without having to separately search and access each client’s chart.
  • Reporting-Includes reporting for medication and physician reviews, plus audit and management reports to support quality standards.
  • Drug Catalogue.
  • Inventory capabilities for onsite management of stock.
  • Documentation and processes to support accreditation standards.