DOCit Lite Background


In an effort to help nursing and retirement homes during this difficult time, VitalHub is making our COVID-19 Resident Screening Mobile App, called DOCit Lite available, free of charge to all long-term care and retirement homes. DOCit Lite is a simple-to-get-started and easy-to-use app specifically designed to simplify, streamline and track important COVID-19 resident screening activity. This powerful app is now available in the Apple App Store.

DOCit Lite Story


The development of DOCit Lite followed Sunnyside Home’s (The Region of Waterloo-run long-term care home) request for a solution to manage and conduct ongoing resident screening for signs and symptoms typical of COVID-19. As homes across the country deal with this pandemic, a situation that has overwhelmed frontline caregivers, Sunnyside Home has chosen to deploy this innovative screening tool as one of several proactive and early-warning measures to protect their residents and staff.

How Can DOCit Lite Assist your Response to COVID-19


The DOCit Lite app allows homes to do the following, all at the point of care, all on their Apple devices:

  • Personal Support Workers (PSWs) can screen all residents at various times of the day, evening and night, and identify residents exhibiting signs and symptoms of acute respiratory illness.
  • Registered staff can screen all residents during morning and afternoon medication pass, and document on temperature, worsening cough, worsening shortness of breath, headache and any other symptoms typical of respiratory illness.
  • During these screening initiatives, specific responses to specific questions automatically trigger escalation to relevant nursing and infection control staff in real time for appropriate and timely follow up.
  • Identify early warnings of symptom clusters in specific home areas or with specific residents.
  • Early identification of new symptoms and tracking trends as residents progress through these identified symptoms.
DOCit Lite COVID-19 Screening Tool Dashboards Sample

Customer Spotlight: Sunnyside Homes


The Region of Waterloo operates Sunnyside Home, a 263-bed long term care facility located in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener. Sunnyside is a hub and a home for many older adults, offering programs, services, and housing, in addition to long term care. The facility recently achieved a perfect score in a nationally recognized quality and safety audit by Accreditation Canada and will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2019. Learn more about Sunnyside Homes by visiting their  website:


A Word From Sunnyside Homes


“I’m grateful we are using DOCit to document and report potential symptoms of COVID-19.  Our PSWs who work closely with the residents report such symptoms using DOCit on their iPhones. We have questions to prompt a proper assessment of the residents. Any “Yes” answers will immediately alert the RPN immediately.  The RPNs also complete reviews each morning and afternoon.  Any “Yes” answers will immediately alert the RN.  This screening tool provides us with critical, timely information, triggers immediate assessments by the registered staff, and ensures early interventions are implemented.  Early recognition of symptoms is essential in managing this pandemic.  As a Director of Care, I’m able to view trends and recognize clusters of symptoms in a particular home area. This provides timely information on what is happening in the home and allows me to support the team immediately.” Marie Belanger, Director of Nursing and Personal Care, Sunnyside Homes.

“Ensuring the safety of residents and staff is our highest priority. When we reached out to VitalHub to help us with resident screening they were able to develop and implement something in 24 hours. Every minute counts when it comes to safety, having the capacity to respond to our needs so quickly is what every Long-Term Care Home needs.” – Julie Wheeler Administrator, Sunnyside Homes

How to Download & Access DOCit Lite


DOCit Lite is now available in the Apple AppStore. All you need is an Apple device – iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini. On your Apple device, click the “Go to App Store” button to download the app now, or go to the Apple App Store, search for “VitalHub” and download “DOCit Lite” from there. Once downloaded, launch the app, tap the “Register Me” link on the login screen and follow the instructions from there. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

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Introduction to DOCit Lite


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