Core Modules

B Care’s building blocks.


B Care Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)

– A central repository of key data about clients.


– Create complex yet easy-to-use data collection forms and support mandated assessments and submissions. For more info, click here

Online Help

– Configurable, contextual on-line help.


– A fully functional reporting engine.

Progress Notes

– Capture documentation on a consultation. 

Client Sidebar

– A configurable panel that appears on most screens to convey most information about a client. 

Integration Engine

– Accommodates bi-directional integration. For more info, click here.

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

– Consolidates client information, such as vitals, from various collection points within the B Care Solution and presents this information in a single, unified view.  

Single Sign On

– Supports  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration.

Context Management

– Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) compliant to enable disparate applications to synchronize in real time and at the user-interface level.

Privacy and Security

– B Care has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets national and international standards for privacy and security.

Advanced Care Planning

Generate personalized care plans based on assessments or forms for each client. These plans can include pre-defined or custom goals and interventions to support standards and best practices.


– Generate care plans based on data contained in assessments.
– Create care plans in four steps with an easy to use “wizard-style” interface.
– Care plans can be prepopulated with standardized goals and interventions basedon an organization’s best practices.  
– Complete revision history maintained for all care plans that allows service providers to review past revisions and compare changes made to each care plan.
– Detailed audit trail tracks all changes to Care Plans.

ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer)

B Care ADT offers up-to-the-minute tracking and management of all client activities.


– Seamless integration.

– Real time tracking of client activities, contacts and wait lists.

– Robust reporting and analysis: Healthcare organizations can choose from a full spectrum of reports and filters to analyze data and conduct benchmarking and trend analysis in real-time.

– Data Integrity: Audit and decision support tools promote accountability and enhance the integrity of the data within the system and provide for quality data collection.

Assessments (E-Forms)

The B Care assessments module supports standardized/mandated assessment and submission requirements to government agencies and includes a rich suite of tools for organizations to create their own assessments/forms.  

VitalHub is an interRAI partner and can offer support for any interRAI assessments required.


– Allows the organization to add or customize a form to its multidisciplinary setting, including customized sections and workflow rules.

– Configurable rules engine.

– Drives standard and custom protocols.

– Autopopulation of care plan as responses are documented.

– Sophisticated carry forward features.

– Standardized data sets.

– Leverages standard scales, custom scoring or ranking metrics for each assessment, which are updated in real time. 

 – The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) consolidates client information, such as vitals, from various collection points within the B Care Solution and presents this information in a single, unified view.

B Care Client Story

The B Care Client Story enables professionals to view client information effortlessly on a single screen. It presents a discipline-specific representation of organized information for quick viewing.  


 The Caseload provides a pick list of clients assigned to each user.

 – The Client Story presents a chronological directory of all events in the client record, which can each be expanded for complete details.

 -The Client Sidebar presents essential information and alerts from the most recent records in the client’s chart.

 – Filters such as document type, date, and author.

 – A notification/alerts framework.


– Less time searching for client information; more time spent focusing on the client

– Powerful tool to support continuity of care


B Care Integration

B Care includes a powerful, bidirectional integration engine to support interoperability with a wide variety of external or third party systems. 


 Seamless integration with external or third party systems.

– Supports Health Level Seven (HL7) messaging standards and protocols (such as ADT and CCD).

– Supports integration of client information such as demographics, scheduling, lab results, image data etc.

– Supports inbound and outbound interfacing.

B Informed

Welcome to the next generation of enhanced decision support!

The redesigned B Informed 2 is a complete publishing, business intelligence and enterprise reporting application that can easily access B Care’s open database. It is seamlessly integrated within B Care, making it easy for the user to perform reporting without signing into a separate system.


 Integration within B Care: Reports can be run and viewed within a single application.

– Support for various reporting tools including: Jasper, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), Online.

– Analytical Processing (OLAP), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and ad hoc query.  

– Client, ward and facility level reporting capabilities.

– A dashboard feature that summarizes report information.

– Flexibility and scalability: Limitless data presentation formats using report writer and publisher.

– Support for logos and graphics. 

– An inbuilt mapping engine that enables users to view information against regions, floor plans, neighbourhoods, etc.

 – Role-based security access privileges.

Clinical Orders

The Clinical Orders module in B Care is an electronic system to replace paper orders. It provides legibility and monitoring to support improved client safety. An order can be entered by a physician or by an allied staff based on a physician’s verbal or written order.  Each order is based on predefined procedures in regards to a client’s care, such as: dietary, legal status, lab tests, referrals, etc.


 Capabilities to perform complex orders that encompass multiple procedures, such as an admission order.

 – Customizable. VitalHub works with your facility to ensure every order follows through a workflow defined to fit the organization’s needs. 

 – All aspects of the Clinical Orders module are fully audited.

Daily Sheet

The Daily Sheet can save significant documenting time for professionals who need to record specific information on a group of clients. Users no longer have to separately search and access each client’s chart. Instead, in one consolidated screen, professionals can document on their clients’ vitals and daily activities.


– Configurable: create Daily Sheets that are unique to a facility, department and staff shift.

 – Quick Access.

 – Flexible Caseload Assignment: authorized supervisors can easily modify caseloads on a unit/ shift basis.

 – Helpful Visual Indicators.

 – Includes a link to the client’s daily care record form.

– The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) consolidates client information, such as vitals, from various collection points within the B Care Solution and presents this information in a single, unified view.  


The B Care Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) module supports a complete medication / treatment management process from order capture through to administration. 


 Integrated with the full client record. Provides staff with access to an informative and comprehensive view of client information.  

 – Integrates with progress notes. 
– The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) consolidates client information, such as vitals, from various collection points within the B Care Solution and presents this information in a single, unified view.  

– Configurable Administration Workflow-  includes a fully configurable workflow engine to support any number of medication administrations. Options include:

– Configurable rules by discipline
– Configurable Med Pass times by program

– Support for PH users to view and verify medication orders.

– Vitals Capture- The Daily Sheet enables a user to chart observations such as vitals on multiple clients within a single screen without having to separately search and access each client’s chart.

– Reporting- Includes reporting for medication and physician reviews, plus audit and management reports to support quality standards.

– Drug Catalogue.

 – Inventory capabilities for onsite management of stock.

 – Documentation and processes to support accreditation standards.

Medication Management

B Care Medication Management module offers comprehensive functionality including medication order fulfillment and medication inventory management at an affordable price. 


Drug management.

Patient profile and workflow.

Inpatient medication order entry & outpatient prescriptions.

Drug interaction screening.

Dispensing via fill cycle management or ward stock requisitions.

Inventory Management.

Paper and electronic medication administration record.

Medication reconciliation.

“Drug Suggest” feature that users can quickly search and select a drug.

  • Integration with packaging and dispensing devices.
  • Integration with other hospital information systems.


Tool for scheduling appointments for a variety of services


A calendar view of appointments.

– Constraint Validation for scheduling time slots.

– “Service Provider Availability” offers a quick way for scheduling staff to determine when a particular service provider is available.

– “Next Available Appointment” provides an easy way to determine the next available time slot that meets specified criteria.


Synoptic Reporting

Make synopses of client information collected in assessments and other sources in the client record for easy review and sharing! This module provides all of the tools necessary for the creation, centralized storage, and management of template driven documents that automatically pull information out of the client’s chart. 


 Integrated word processing.

– Centralized library: B Care provides a web-based infrastructure to securely store, search, retrieve, edit and manage documents.

– Audit and Security.


– Allows users to quickly gain essential insights into the client’s chart and assessments.

– Significantly reduces the time it takes to write letters and other summary documentation.