B Care addresses the documentation, assessment, case management and administrative needs of healthcare and community mental health provider organizations, enabling providers to;

Making informed

B Care presents a longitudinal account of patient and client information, essentially connecting people to information to make timely decisions.

Providing patient and
client-centric care

B Care assessments, configurable electronic forms, specific scales and metrics, documentation, and evidence-based assessment protocols drive individualized care plans.

Improving communication amongst a multidisciplinary team

Includes powerful information sharing and team planning capabilities.

B Care Solutions

B Care allows authorized professionals across all settings to have access to each patient’s secure, longitudinal record. The solution charts the patient’s journey of care across all settings and programs to authorized users, supporting continuity of care and outcome goals.

B Care Platform

B Care includes many fully integrated features to support quality patient care while reducing the amount of time it takes to complete a task. B Care is easy to use and can be configured to work with the user’s workflow, provide alerts of required tasks, and present only the information that is relevant to the particular user. Features such as validation, alerts and flagging ensure that every task is completed efficiently.

VitalHub is committed to ensuring that all aspects of the system meet national and international regulations. B Care has achieved Canada Health Infoway Certification. This accomplishment acts as an assurance to customers that each solution conforms to national and international standards for functionality, privacy, security and interoperability.

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