Solutions Built for a Variety of Settings

Our solutions support a variety of settings including mental health (inpatient and outpatient), community and social services, specialty care, cardiology, complex continuing care and acute care. Our technologies provide powerful solutions for integrated care delivery and care coordination.


B Care

The B Care EHR meets the unique clinical and service challenges associated with managing complex patients and clients.


A care coordination platform designed for providers of behavioural health and community based services.

Clarity Healthcare

Streamline resident assessments and reporting for complex continuing and long-term care providers. Solutions for mental health, rehab and homecare assessments are available.



Proven care benefits, cost savings and increased staff satisfaction in long term care facilities.

DOCit Lite

Mobile App for COVID-19 Screening


VH Chart

Providing real-time patient information at the “point of need”, not just the point of care.

Patient Flow & Operational Visibility 


By connecting data, hospital efficiency increases. Oculys helps you easily identify bottlenecks and gauge big picture performance of the patient journey.


Clinical Utilization Review: Identify barriers that are preventing patient flow and discharge readiness



Providing real-time patient information at the “point of need”, not just the point of care.



A blockchain solution designed to address the multitude of challenges associated with the exchange of health information across the continuum of care.


Standardized Web-Based Assessments

TREAT offers a catalogue of more than 200 assessment tools and can be customized to include new tools upon request.

Decision Support/Business Intelligence

A mobile productivity tool for
streamlined forms and task management in
long term care facilities.

Care Coordination & Population Health Management

Reduce effort, possible translation errors, and ensure that areas of concern for clients are being recorded and addressed.


Track grant-based funding and create organization-specific procedure codes to track activities that require notification and reporting.


Automate order fulfillment and validation completely online at the facility/ward/patient level.