These clinical documentation and complex case management solutions are highly configurable to address each facility’s unique care processes.

Key Features

  • Includes exemplary customer service and unlimited support at no additional charge. 
  • Support for mandated submissions, such as RAI-MDS.
  • Presents the longitudinal electronic record, so professionals can easily view the client’s story in one place.
  • Adaptable workflow.
  • Robust case management. 
  • Open data model allows for customers to create an infinite variety of custom and ad hoc reports.
  • Bi-directional integration engine to integrate with other information and third party systems.
  • Role based security and configurability to allow easy tracking of all activities regardless of care setting.
  • Audit trails that track changes to data elements.


  • Timely and accurate mandated submissions. 
  • More complete, up to date, and legible patient information with which to make better informed clinical decisions. 
  • Easily adapted to accommodate organization workflow, standards, and practices leading to less disruption and higher levels of user adoption.  
  • Significant reduction in time and effort required to create externally shared documents. 

Featured Solutions

B Care EHR

Solve the unique clinical and service challenges associated with managing complex patients and clients.

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Proven care benefits, cost savings and increased staff satisfaction in long term care facilities.

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