TREAT was originally built to manage assessments and care records for mental health and addictions treatment providers. The system has evolved to become a complete EHR solution with a strong focus on the needs and workflow of mental health service providers.

TREAT’s extensive catalogue of assessments and the design of its Care Plan and Clinical Documentation modules are tailored to Inpatient Mental Health treatment environments. And input from actual mental health practitioners have has been taken into account for the development of TREAT’s management and workflow modules (Scheduling, Workload) to reflect the specific workflow and management reporting needs of mental health organizations.

Solution Highlights

Timely and accurate mandated submissions.

More complete, up to date, and legible patient information with which to make better informed clinical decisions.

Easily adapted to accommodate organization workflow, standards, and practices leading to less disruption and higher levels of user adoption.

Significant reduction in time and effort required to create externally shared documents.

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