Key Features

  • Support for mandated assessment and submissions including: RAI-MH, OCAN, DATIS, CDS-MH, RAI-CMH, RAI-ESP, interRAI-CHA.
  • Longitudinal electronic record that displays client story across different services, settings and programs.
  • Adaptable workflow.
  • Robust case management.
  • Efficient, structured data collection.
  • Bi-directional integration engine to integrate with other information and third party systems.
  • Role based security and configurability to allow easy tracking of all activities regardless of care setting.
  • Audit trails that track changes to data elements.
  • Open data model for easy search and report writing capability.


  • Supports continuity of care and reduces care gaps by providing access to the client’s longitudinal care record across all settings and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Improves communication amongst health, education, justice and social services providers.
  • Informed outcomes driven by care plans
  • Client-centric standards of care with mandated assessments, configurable electronic forms, mental health specific scales and metrics, clinical documentation, and evidence-based clinical assessment protocols to drive individualized care plans. 

Featured Solution


A care coordination platform designed for providers of behavioural health and community based services.

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