Solution Highlights

Client Registration

TREAT’s advanced Client Registration module aligns with your organization’s workflow by featuring integrated referrals and waitlists. All vital demographics, ADT (Admission / Discharge / Transfer), and billing data are collected in one simple view that can be shared and updated by multiple collaborators.

Referrals Management & Tracking

Providers like you deal with a high number of referrals, both incoming and outgoing. TREAT’s Referrals functionality is integrated directly with client registration, and allows care professionals to create, access, and edit referrals at the touch of a button.

Scan & Organize External Documents

Through the eDocuments module, users can easily upload external documents to a client’s record. Members of a care team use a variety of methods to capture client data – paper assessments, consent forms, consult reports and referrals completed outside of the TREAT system can all be uploaded, stored, and accessed against a client’s TREAT record.


Nurses, therapists, counsellors, and other care professionals may all participate in a client’s treatment plan. TREAT’s reporting system allows data from multiple users to be collected and reported on, giving your organization a comprehensive picture of client care, outcomes, and useful organization performance data.Our Patient Profile module displays a customized layout of select client data. Pertinent data gathered both in TREAT and in external systems by various care team members can be viewed in one at-a-glance summary of a client’s record.

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A care coordination platform designed for providers of behavioural health and community based services.

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