The B Care Complex Continuing Care Solution supports facilities with patients whose complex conditions require hospital stay, regular on-site care and assessment, and specialized treatment. Customers can tailor the solution to meet their particular needs and to support, in a cost effective manner, patient centric services.



  • Structured data collection using standardized assessments (such as CCRS and NRS), best practice instruments, and forms that support localized workflow.

  • Discipline-specific documentation views and information display.

  • Progress / Case Notes with support for a variety of documentation formats (e.g. SOAP, DARP, SBAR, etc).

  • Decision support tools such as automated risk metric calculations and alerts.

  • Individualized electronic care planning driven by triggers in structured data capture instruments.

  • Synoptic reporting tools with which to  generate narrative reports and other documents from structured data.

  • Integrates with existing enterprise information systems to import data from / publish data to these systems.



  • Timely and accurate mandated submissions (such as CCRS and NRS).
  • More complete, up to date, and legible patient information with which to make better informed clinical decisions.
  • Easily adapted to accommodate organization workflow, standards, and practices leading to less disruption and higher levels of user adoption.
  • Significant reduction in time and effort required to create externally shared documents