VitalHub Announces Licensing of B Care EHR to the Toronto Grace Health Centre to Replace Multiple Legacy Systems and Provide an Integrated Hospital Information System

By January 3, 2019News, Press Release


Vitalhub Corp. has sold B Care to the Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC).

TGHC sought a comprehensive, Web-based electronic health record that would support its patients’ journey and allow caregivers to provide seamless, integrated care across its organization from preregistration through to discharge, for both in-patient and ambulatory and community-based programs. An integrated pharmacy information system and eMAR (electronic medication administration record) are key functional requirements to ensure that patient safety at TGHC is enhanced through an efficient and effective medication dispensing, administration and reconciliation workflow.

This sale follows a lengthy and extensive evaluation undertaken by TGHC of competitive EHR solutions that included visits to key clients. The initial deployment will be hosted on premise and includes an option for TGHC to transition to a software as a service agreement if desired.

This project is being deployed in three phases. TGHC has contractually committed to phase 1, with the intent to deploy the other phases over a period of 18 to 24 months. The first phase will include the implementation of the ADT (admission, discharge and transfer), EMPI (enterprise master patient index) and various interfaces to third party systems. Phases 2 and 3 will focus on the implementation of clinical documentation including a variety of canned assessments and conclude with the deployment of the pharmacy information system, order entry and eMAR (electronic medication administration record).

The revenue associated with the three phases of this project is anticipated to exceed $1-million with approximately 60 per cent of that total allocated to software licensing.

TGHC plays a vital role providing patient-centred care for individuals with multifaceted chronic diseases who require complex continuing care, postacute care rehabilitation and palliative care. Operating in the heart of downtown Toronto it is renowned for the compassionate care that it provides and the clinical excellence of its team. “Our vision at the Grace is to provide an integrated EMR solution that will not only improve efficiencies across the facility but will provide excellent health care for our patients with better clinical decision making tools for our clinicians. The B Care software will enable TGHC to fulfill this vision,” said Ralph Anstey, chief financial officer, TGHC.

“We are looking forward to initiating this project with the Toronto Grace. They join a large community of Vitalhub customers in Ontario and the rest of Canada that have chosen to deploy B Care to meet their electronic health record requirements, including health service providers of a similar size that want to work with an organization like ours that offers a highly configurable and robust technology solution and an affordable price point. Toronto Grace’s decision to license B Care underlines our view of the EHR market, which is that there is ample opportunity to grow and add value to organizations that offer specialized services and are in need of cost-effective, scale-appropriate solutions at a fraction of the cost of the HIS solutions used by large hospitals,” said Dan Matlow, president and chief executive officer, Vitalhub.

About Vitalhub Corp.

Vitalhub develops and supports mission-critical health care information systems in the mental health (child, youth and adult), long-term care, community health service, home health and hospital sectors.

The company has a robust two-pronged growth strategy, targeting organic growth opportunities within its product suite, and pursuing an aggressive merger and acquisition plan. Currently, Vitalhub serves over 200 clients across North America.