VitalHub Announces Sale of TREAT EHR System to Youth Mental Health Facility

By August 21, 2018News, Press Release

TORONTO, August 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VitalHub Corp. (the “Company” or “VitalHub”) (TSXV:VHI) has sold the TREAT EHR solution to Stella’s Place, a Toronto-based young adult mental health agency, and a Reconnect Community Health Services affiliate.

TREAT, the clear choice of EHR systems among mental health providers, is being implemented to replace Stella’s Place’s existing documentation systems to serve as the comprehensive participant management system for supporting its diverse programming and reporting needs. TREAT will capture the participant’s demographic and clinical data in standard modules, progress notes, assessments and interdisciplinary care plans. TREAT will serve the needs of management by providing provincially mandated reports and depicting crucial indicators related to participants, intake processes, services and discharge through its fully integrated business intelligence dashboards.

Stella’s Place contracted TREAT through Vitalhub subsidiary HInext. HInext was awarded, following a competitive RFP tender process, a contract to implement an integrated community mental health services EHR solution for Reconnect Community Health Services in 2015.

Reconnect’s goal was to achieve excellence in participant health care using the TREAT software, a participant management system that streamlines clinical history and care management for care providers. Functionality of TREAT that led to the Reconnect contract award following a competitive RFP includes an interdisciplinary plan of participant care (IPCC) and a co-ordinated care planning system.

Vitalhub’s contract with Reconnect includes a provision allowing all Toronto Central LHIN community mental health providers to at their discretion license TREAT. The original contract awarded to HInext provides for a preferred access and a pre-established purchase contract for any Toronto Central LHIN community mental health, addiction and community support service agency through Reconnect. A number of Toronto Central LHIN agencies have contracted with the company, including Sound Times and Toronto East Health Network. “It represents a successful collaboration across member organizations in the health care system,” said Reconnect Community Health Services in its annual report 2015/2016.

At present, the TREAT EHR solution has only been implemented across about 15 per cent of Reconnect’s affiliate network, representing a significant opportunity to further increase penetration of the product across the mental health services space.

“We are pleased to join the Reconnect Community Mental Health Services TREAT user group in the TC LHIN. TREAT will enhance our ability to manage, report and reflect upon the complex work of our staff in a consistent and supportive manner and will help us to continually assess how our services are effectively and responsively supporting young adults. We look forward to contributing to the evolution of our field and being an information systems leader in the young adult mental health community,” said Jenny Carver, executive director, Stella’s Place.

“We welcome Stella’s Place to the growing number of health service providers that have adopted and implemented TREAT as their preferred solution for participant information management. As our first young adult mental health partner to adopt TREAT within the Toronto Central LHIN, we are very excited at the possibility of increasing adoption and expanding the learning opportunities in the youth mental health space,” said Mohamad Badsha, chief executive officer of Reconnect Health Services.

“We are excited about this sale to Stella’s Place, it serves as further evidence of our leadership position supporting Ontario’s mental health providers,” said Dan Matlow, chief executive officer of Vitalhub. “As we continue to grow our business, we aim to further establish Vitalhub as the dominant provider of EHR solutions for mental health providers.”

About Vitalhub Corp.

Vitalhub develops and supports mission-critical health care information systems in the mental health (child, youth and adult), long-term care, community health service, home health and hospital sectors. Vitalhub technologies include blockchain, mobile and Web-based assessment, and EHR solutions.

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