VitalHub Shareholders Elect Six to Board

By July 4, 2018Press Release

TORONTO, July 4, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VitalHub announces results of June 2018 AGM.

Vitalhub Corp. has provided the results of its June, 2018, annual general meeting (AGM) and has provided details on the recent proceeds to the company derived from redeemed warrants.

In accordance with Toronto Stock Exchange requirements, the nominees listed in the Vitalhub management information circular dated May 22, 2018, were elected as directors of the company at the June, 2018, AGM. The directors Dan Matlow, Barry Tissenbaum, Steve Garrington, Chris Schnarr, Mohan Plankot and Roger Dent were unanimously elected at the annual general meeting held on June 27, 2018. Shareholders present in person or by proxy totalled 23,984,756 shares, representing 19.21 per cent of the total issued and outstanding shares of the company.

Vitalhub would also like to announce that in recent weeks, shareholders have begun to redeem warrants which, as of today’s date, total 5,326,220 shares exercised with net proceeds of $895,575 to the company.

“We believe we have assembled a very strong, diverse and seasoned board of directors that have the skills and experience necessary to help guide us as we continue to execute on our growth plans,” said Dan Matlow, chief executive officer of Vitalhub. “We continue to see our pipeline grow both on the mergers and acquisition front and organic growth side of our business, and we are looking forward to the second half of the fiscal year.”

About Vitalhub Corp.

Vitalhub develops and supports mission-critical health care information systems in the mental health (child, youth and adult), long-term care, community health service, home health and hospital sectors. Vitalhub technologies include blockchain, mobile and Web-based assessment and EHR solutions.

Vitalhub’s aim is to create high-value, secured solutions enabling interoperability among existing health data systems.

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