VH Research

Make your patient visits efficient.


Clinical research advances the practice of health care through actively promoting research and continuing education for health care professionals. It pursues the highest quality care through the integration of clinical practice, research and education for patients and their families. And clinical research advances medical knowledge by conducting observational and interventional studies through direct interaction and collection and analysis of data.

  • Integration and co-existence with your hospital’s existing HIS
  • Integration to regional and hospital lab systems
  • Configurable workflow design
  • Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF) and sponsor submissions for clinical trials and research studies
  • Recruitment – patient to participant – informed consent
  • Active task integration
  • Surveys and assessments
  • Cross-site, clinical research collaboration
  • Integrated patient registry
  • Clinic-branded patient app development so your patients can enter data before their visit
  • Aggregated patient data in an easy to use app
  • Flexible electronic data capture
  • Data management and analytics

Key Features

Replace paper-based flowsheets

Avoid duplicate data entry across multiple systems

Automate scorecards

Quickly identify candidates for your trials and studies

Easily transfer and share patient records

Solving the Vital Challenge

“Clinical researchers will optimize their time with their patients through an app that supports their unique workflow. VH Research supports the research efforts while allowing you to provide efficient and high quality care.”

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