VH Chart

Providing real-time patient information at the “point of need”, not just the point of care.


Clinicians need easy access to comprehensive patient data from any location, on any device, at any time – access that isn’t complicated, tedious or expensive. A mobile experience can have an enormous, positive impact on efficiency, quality of care, and patient safety. VH Chart provides clinicians with the ability to access real-time aggregated patient data, from their smartphone or tablet. Clinicians with appropriate rights can add notes and orders (i.e. mobile CPOE) wherever they are with their mobile device.

  • Real-time access to aggregated patient data, from any location, on any device, at any time
  • Informed decision-making supported by a comprehensive, real-time view of the patient’s health data aggregated from multiple clinical systems
  • “Point of need” patient data access
  • Configurable and expandable user interface
  • HIPAA-compliant, no security/privacy compromise
  • Eliminate multiple sign-ons
  • Reduce clicking through multiple systems
  • No hunting for data; it gets pushed to you

How it works

VH Chart for iOS & Android
VH Chart for iOS & Android

iOS & Android Devices

“…As hospitals increasingly transition from traditional paper charts to Electronic Medical Records, medical professionals are faced with significant new challenges…”

Windows Devices

“…VitalHub’s proprietary server technology and suite of intuitive apps solves these problems by retrieving and aggregating patient data from multiple disparate clinical information systems…”

VH Chart for Windows
VH Chart for Windows

 Additional Features

Touch ID for secure authentication

Touch optimized interface for quick data browsing

Attach mobile device pictures instantly to patient records

Receive secure notifications in preferred manner

Quickly review, update, and edit existing clinical documentation

Solving the Vital Challenge

“VH Chart enables location independent informed decision-making by providing a comprehensive real-time view of patients across multiple clinical systems and care settings. The configurable interface, optimized for mobile devices, was designed to ensure clinicians can access what they want with one sign-on and one click or touch; all the information is at their fingertips to make informed decisions.”

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