Meet the Team

The VitalHub team is comprised of leaders and innovators in technology and healthcare.


  • Dan Matlow President and Chief Executive Officer

    As President & CEO, Dan is responsible for driving VitalHub’s product vision and customer success, as well as strategic initiatives focused on accelerating growth.

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  • Brian Goffenberg CPA, CA, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    Brian is a highly effective finance executive, with expertise in financial management of information technology firms, including Medworxx Solutions Inc., Philips Lifeline, DWL Incorporated and Delrina Corporation.

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  • Andre Vandenberk Vice President of Mobile Technology

    Andre brings that rare combination of being proficient in both the strategy and tactical sides of IT and Healthcare to his role as VP of Mobile Technology.

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In addition to our strong leadership, the VitalHub team includes individuals with extensive experience in healthcare, information technology and in bringing new and innovative products to market.

The team have diverse backgrounds in engineering and computer science, and experience in product development, product management, quality assurance, training, documentation, and more.